"As a parent of Little Engines, I have seen a vast change in my three year old son’s development with the full care support of all the staff members. He has become very independent. Before he would hardly eat now he comes home with full descriptions of what he ate for lunch and tea. I am very happy".

"My daughter first came to Little Engines Nursery at 4 ½ months old and like any parent I was a bit weary leaving her with strangers but the staff were very understanding and had such bubbly and pleasant personalities that both my daughter and I quickly warmed up to them. 2 years later she is still attending the nursery and has grown to become a very bright and independent little madam and a big part of that is down to Little Engines. The ladies there work wonders with all the children and have a strong links with the parents which I find makes day to day transition between home and nursery as smooth as it could ever be. Overall I would give Little Engines a 5 star rating and a big thanks for everything they have done for my princess".

"My son started attending Little Engines day nursery when he was 4 months old. What attracted me to the nursery was the cosy, home like environment and the friendly staff. My son loves going to nursery and often runs in without even saying goodbye. He has just had his 2nd birthday, his speech and understanding is exceptional and he’s met all his milestones so far. I am very pleased with Little Engines, and I know my son has a fun packed day, every day".

"My son joined Little Engines when he had just turned one. He started nursery doing 4 days a week, just as I was returning to work. I was nervous about him doing something so big and scary (in my eyes), but with hindsight I had nothing to worry about. The staff did a great job of settling him (and me) in and made the transition a positive one".

"Since going to Little Engines he has blossomed and developed in lots of amazing ways and every day I can see he has learned something new. The team go out of their way to let you know all the good (and occasionally not so good!) things he is up to and this is always constructive and positive. It’s so great having your own set of personal child advisors! Every day I have a question about my son – whether it be potty training or sleeping issues – they are always on hand to offer advice and tips. So, Little Engines is great not just for my son but his parents too!".